Kelvin Saquilayan

from Manhattan

American Adobo

Kelvin’s drink was a long time coming, as he’s had the idea for this G&T in mind for the past two years. Named after the 2002 romantic comedy that tells the tale of five Filipino-American friends living in New York City, the cocktail also ties together Kelvin’s heritage, the theme of the bar and toasts to the tradition of G&Ts.

The American Adobo is made with 30ml of St. George Botanivore Gin, 10ml of fresh lime juice, 15ml of homemade adobo cordial – making use of balsamic vinegar and spices like star anise and bay leaves that you’d would usually find in the traditional Filipino dish – and 150ml of East Imperial Burma Tonic. It comes garnished with a pork adobo skewer spiked with garlic and a pickled pearl onion. 

At East Imperial, tradition and quality are of the utmost importance. Inspired by a family recipe from 1903, we tracked down the source of the original, hand-picked ingredients to create the ultimate complement to premium spirits.

We believe the spirit should do the talking.

Our traditional small-batch method of production ensures this is the case by enhancing the freshness and subtleties of any spirit’s botanicals.

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